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I must say. People in this country can not drive! After 800 miles on the interstate, we came up with a plan. There will be a cell phone lane created on the Interstates. People will pay to drive in them. Said lane will have guard rails on both sides.  The “cell phone tax” will cover […]

Last chance for raffles

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Go ahead…buy a ticket. So far, the gamblin types have helped raise almost 9,000 buck- a- roos. This is it. The one. Raffle rsults will be drawn live from Scoot Richmond, on 08/09/08, and posted the next day. Prizes have grown throughout the week. Much like my butt after 22k miles…. 😉 Currently there is […]

Day 92

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Rally in Scooter 92 My Fragmob.com View My Fragmob.com Mobile Images

Day 90

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Today I am heading out to Oberlin, OH. I used to live there so it will be neat to visit. It’s a long haul at 280 miles, but I’ve got all day to do it! In 40 miles I will be back on East Coast time, after three months away from it. Far out. My […]

Houston, let’s try something new

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Ok, I’m going to *try* and present a photo an hour to you, for 15 hours out of the day. This way you can experience the trip in small frames. How could I do such a thing? Fragmob. A website with live updates of photos! Yea. Technology can be cool. So, let’s say a reasonable […]

Chicago, fast town

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Are you in Chicago? I’m in Chicago! We should talk. peacescooter@gmail.com I’m not here for long, but I will be a year older when I leave!!

It only takes ONE ticket….

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Have you bought the winning ticket yet?? Or should I say, ONE OF the FOUR winning tickets? That’s right! There are FOUR prizes on the P.E.A.C.E Scooter Raffle this time around… Alix has had her share of ups and downs this month, let’s give her a lift and fill her tank for the ride home. […]

Update, week 10

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Hey there! I’m trying to use the daylight, as out here, deer like to use the twilight. Best to motor on, but here is a video from yesterday.

I left my camera in Missoula. One thing I’ve learned about Big Sky Country is that nothing ever goes as planned here. So there’s no point stressing out. It was a late start anyways and so I had to stay put once I retrieved the camera. It’s Montana afterall. The deers come out in gangs […]

Challenge for a cause

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So I have 250 keychains. That’s too many to carry around and I have too little time to sell them on an individual basis. But, they’re awesome and you can say you helped support the historical creation of a 22,000 mile Peace sign-the biggest Peace sign to date. So the challenge is on. Today Scooterville […]

People amaze me

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P.E.A.C.E Scooter takes more work than I ever thought it would. Not a bad thing and there’s really no way I could have known exactly what this would be like. Like today, I compiled a list and a letter, to be sent in mass to 1,000 people. I wrote to tell people that this is […]

Calling for support

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Greeting friends, I hope there is joy in your lives. If you get the chance, I would love to hear from you. If you want to be removed from this list, let me know. There won’t be many more of these updates…. Most of you probably know that almost a year ago, I set out […]

It’s a weekend of Patriotism. Do you know your First Amendment? Trust me, Homeland Security lit it on fire and then lit it’s cigar with the little piece of paper. Here it is…. Hey everybody. I trust you are enjoying the long weekend. I personally rushed to make it to Missoula and rushing was hard, […]

Rest in Peace Ralph

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The first thing I touched this morning was a dead cat. Ralph. Ralph fell off the ledge today from the 25th floor. At 5:30 am I woke up to people talking loudly. I asked them to talk in the other room. I didn’t know they were talking about Ralph. I got up, went to the […]

SX Appeal Top Case Winner!!

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Congratulations to “Mikie Taps” from Seattle, WA– You have SX Appeal!! AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ALIX–FRIDAY MAKES 8 WEEKS ON THE ROAD SCOOTIN’ FOR PEACE! (in 2008) FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF 21 WEEKS SO FAR!! RIDE STEADY AND CONGRATULATIONS ON ANOTHER STATE LINE!! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Top Case Raffle. The […]

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned that a strange man in a van tried to get me to stop. Stop for an unknown person, on a road that’s considered dangerous, which runs along the Mexico border. Despite the fact that most things people say are dangerous turn out to be not as menacing-I was […]

Halfway there

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Hey y’all. Raffle drawing date is extended. I won’t be drawing the winners until the pot reaches at least close to  the amount of the prize. Contributions jumped up yesterday, so now we are HALFWAY! Yee-haw. Don’t forget, this nice NEW bag was generously donated and Timbuk 2 will ship it directly to you. Run […]

Per the windscreen question

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Quite frequently I see debate amongst Folks in scooter forums about the pros/cons of having a windscreen. Almost once a day. Folks, no crosswind has ever outweighed the advantage of having my windscreen. It keeps me safe from wind exhaustion and mostly helps save on gas. And just look out how many bugs it has […]

First 24 hours

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Burning rubber, I left Jackson at 1pm, but not without a deep look into my Dad’s eyes. It brought chills to my skin. The drive was estimated by Google to be 5 hours. I added 2 to that, but much to my surprise, reached Hwy 11 in just 3.5 hours! Hwy 11 is in Slidell […]


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Oh I love these raffles! This one wasn’t very active at first, but close to the finishing line a bunch of people entered! Thanks everybody for helping to raise $130 this week. However, this week we have a Timbuk2 messenger bag,donated at $150 value, that scooterists, SUV drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike will LOVE. Let […]

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