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22k Mile Scoot for Peace from Alix Bryan on Vimeo. My friend Jacob sent me a studio copy of his beautiful song, Backroads, to put on the DVD version of this video–it’s a submission for grad school. In the future, I would like to rework some of my footage into a movie that features his […]


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The by-ways, highways, routes, lanes, and country roads of America reflect a regions culture;  offer up stories to the traveler that can not be found on the interstates. Sure if you need to zoom along from point A to point B, jump on the slab. You will notice that in America, we share an overarching […]

Animoto-domo arigato

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Ok, I don’t do tech reviews. I spend enough time using gadgets in some half baked way that works well enough for me-the last thing I want to do is review said gadget. Other people do tech reviews and there is plenty of worthy buzz going around about Animoto. According to their mission, they hope […]

p.e.a.c.e happenings

In: PR, Preparation, Scooters, Travel Gear

Warning, there are many plugs in this blog. They all represent good things and people, (except for the part about the sponsor who dissed me) so it is safe and enjoyable to proceed. Today I met with Brendan, who works at our cutting edge local weekly paper, C-ville news. He had previously expressed interest in […]

Matua and Vespadition

In: Direct Action, Inspiration, Scooters

“You can not travel the path until you have become the path itself” This is the credo of Matua, who will be traveling a long path starting this spring. I heard from Matua in the end of January. His first letter came to me a month after I had decided to complete the Peace sign […]

Toward New Orleans

In: 2007 Blog, Scooters

Hey y’all-I am heading out in a minute, glad to have an early start to the day after reading PJ Chmiel’s travelogue on the Gulf Coast route to NOLA. His website is a great resource of info and photography-and good way to waste time also! I know I sure have! Definitely check him out and […]


In: 2007 Blog, Alabama, Pro-Peace, Scooters

I have been traveling about a week and a half now. Those first few days seem really distant in my mind, with the geography and culture of the landscape changing so rapidly. I am getting used to most of the quirks one experiences traveling by scooter. First, there is the gear, and the packing/unloading of […]

You tell me…

In: 2007 Blog, Direct Action, Scooters

If you believe we deserve the right to question the decisions of our leaders? And is it offensive to do so? And do you feel there is value to your opinions? Is that a scooter in the background, that the cop is riding? Far out. This is a photo from Carter’s inauguration. I’m spending the […]

As I write this, the clouds hang heavy in the sky, casting some grey light on today’s departure to Atlanta. Appropriately though, as recently I can’t seem to leave on a sunny day. My friend calls it the “Truman Ride.” It’s not that bad really, 2 for 2. However, when I left Charlottesville, VA on […]

A few things on the TO DO list. My friend, baker at the Mudhouse, Eliza, has made me a peace flag for the trip. I am zooming out to grab it and have some pizza at Dr. Ho’s thats been planned for awhile now. Otherwise, this is it, the excitement is swelling to a massive […]

Hey y’all (southern girl after all) Alright, alright. Today I experimented with the gear, throughout the week everything arrived for packing up! I am a pack master-but have never applied the skills to a scooter. This scoot has some crucial accessories that make packing easier. All in all, I don’t plan on taking a whole […]

Crunch Time

In: 2007 Blog, Peace Sign, Scooter Gear, Scooters

I have been sorting through a bunch of last minute details-some sneaky ones popped up. One of my sub-leasers backed out after seeing the Doberman next door, who is harmless, old and couldn’t outrun a fast turtle. So, the Craigslist post has gone back up and the house is open once again for interviews. Really, […]

This is an excerpt from my correspondence with a very cool, supportive female scooterist in D.C. We are trying to get a ride in place, if not with a bunch of people, at least a chance to meet one another. Anyways, I am posting my response to make my modus operandi a bit clearer to […]

B-U-D-D-Y oh M-Y

In: 2007 Blog, Scooters, Virginia

So, I’ve been riding. The end. I will get back to you about the new scoot real soon. For now, here’s two pictures that might explain what’s happening. Let’s call the first one “Wanna Ride?” and the second “Ridden!” With gratitude, Alix

SCOMO Exterior Originally uploaded by fluidattitude This is where I picked up my Buddy 125. Chelsea and her crew were so helpful! Thanks for passing on your touring jacket Chelsea! I’m really excited about this Buddy! More posts coming about this beauty! Afterall, 9,000 miles to go…

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