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On the road again

In: 2 Wheel Travel, Preparation

You can imagine my excitement over the past two weeks-presenting two wheel journeys to you while preparing for my own. I’m exhausted yet in a very calm state of mind. The work that I’ve put into preparations for the past couple of months taken shape. Thank you to every kind person who has helped thus […]

Raffle Winners

In: Fundraising, Preparation

*Wendy, our lottery host* Earlier today I drew the names of the winners, contacted them and mailed off the prizes. Thank you to those who contributed and your enthusiasm for winning has been contagious. All day long I felt like I won too! Really, we all win, and I want to put emphasis on that. […]


In: Preparation, Sponsorship

I arrived home late last night, after two weeks out of town. The 65 mile ride home, through VA countryside at sunset, whet my appetite for what is ahead. As far as heads, Chelsea, lovely owner of the Scoot Richmond empire, graciously donated a helmet. I’m now riding with a Z1R stance helmet. Noticeable differences […]

Green Buy-Ways

In: Environment, Preparation

***Only 2.5 days left in the raffles!!! Buy tix now and help fuel a good cause! Hey y’all Well, the launch of P.E.A.C.E Scooter 08 is coming up, in just 4 days. I am back in the South, after relocating my stuff up to Maine. Yesterday was a sad day of farewells to Daphne and […]

2 Weeks left!

In: Preparation

The rental truck had been changed to say “Loving Up” instead of “Moving Up” I am so excited that P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER starts two weeks from today. The 11,000 mile, 12 week ride last year was made within just 40 days of its conception. That brief time was all I had to handle almost every planning […]

Countdown is on

In: Preparation, Sponsorship, Travel Gear

My friends, a package containing 2,000 postcards arrived on Friday. That just so happened to start the clock ticking-the official 4 week countdown has now started. When they arrived I had a total rush of excitement. Wow, this is really going to happen in just one month. I remember how astounded I was last year-giddy […]

Ladies and gents: I am very happy and grateful to announce the GREAT news that Corazzo is supporting P.E.A.C.E Scoot by providing three crucial items for the long miles ahead. Corazzo never ceases to amaze me. This young company is skyrocketing because their product is “By scooterists for scooterists,” and because it has superior design […]

p.e.a.c.e happenings

In: PR, Preparation, Scooters, Travel Gear

Warning, there are many plugs in this blog. They all represent good things and people, (except for the part about the sponsor who dissed me) so it is safe and enjoyable to proceed. Today I met with Brendan, who works at our cutting edge local weekly paper, C-ville news. He had previously expressed interest in […]

2008 Postcard

In: Preparation, Pro-Peace

2008 P.E.A.C.E.TOUR Postcard Many thanks to PJ Chmiel for his craftmanship and patience. I just ordered 2,000 of these cards to distribute all across our country; from border to border, coast to coast. To see the 2007 tour postcard, click here. The seed of this trip has always been to discover how individuals and commmunities […]

From the heart this time

In: Peace, Preparation

The past week I’ve been movin and shakin. Whew. Glad I have unlimited access to espresso at work…. I’m really happy to present some news to you about…. Obviously, the beautiful reconstruction of the website, with more upgrades on the way, plus a big surprise soon! I was fortunate enough to cross paths with a […]

As I write this, the clouds hang heavy in the sky, casting some grey light on today’s departure to Atlanta. Appropriately though, as recently I can’t seem to leave on a sunny day. My friend calls it the “Truman Ride.” It’s not that bad really, 2 for 2. However, when I left Charlottesville, VA on […]

Hey y’all (southern girl after all) Alright, alright. Today I experimented with the gear, throughout the week everything arrived for packing up! I am a pack master-but have never applied the skills to a scooter. This scoot has some crucial accessories that make packing easier. All in all, I don’t plan on taking a whole […]


In: 2007 Blog, Alabama, Charlottesville, D.C., Preparation

If the encouragement that people continually offer me was a meal-I would not eat alone-we would all feast for days. Many thanks, y’all. Just about everything came via the mail this week. More on my thoughts about that at a later time. Today the stickers arrived-another PJ and Alix late night endeavor. They are really […]

Hope everyone had a good “Interdependence Day.” Me, the highlight was playing with white gas, not fireworks. I tested out my traveling barista kit: one stove, one Bodum French Press tumbler, a collapasible pan set, and some fair-trade, organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans. It’s amazing how technology creates these wonderfully small gadgets. Bless Mountain Research for […]


In: 2007 Blog, Peace, Preparation

What a whirlwind of activity my life has been since May 23rd. I came across a quote the other day that really resonated with me: “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Numbers and Musings: 1 month. 13 days. Attended the Instant Karma art exhibit in town. Read […]

Trip Blip

In: 2007 Blog, Direct Action, Preparation, Pro-Peace

A P.E.A.C.E. SCOOTER A Patriot’s Exhibition Advancing Community and Environmentalism, on a Scooter Peace, what is it? Do you think we have enough of it? What is your vision? I don’t settle for the world I live in these days. Actually, were any of us really taught to settle? It’s a culture where we always […]

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