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So where has my scooter been for 6 weeks? Did anything happen to it? Nope. Something happened to my sanity without having it to ride for 6 weeks, but that’s another story. Today I was reunited with Audre. As a flashback for y’all, my trip started and ended in Washington D.C. and my family and […]

Folks, Peace is on the map.

In: P.E.A.C.E 08, Peace Sign

It occurs to me that I should officially post about the victory group ride and BBQ. Two events which can only represent one thing. I’m here in D.C. Peace has been put on the map. I’m the first to admit that there is a noticeable gap in the blog-from Chicago to D.C. Well, stay tuned. […]

Birthday present

In: P.E.A.C.E 08, Peace Sign

Jennie is cool. She mowed her lawn into a Peace sign, knowing I wouldn’t be able to make it out there to see her. Which is a bummer, but let’s focus on how great that Peace sign is!  Thanks for the Birthday present Jennie! The peace sign turned 50 years old this year. Happy Birthday […]

When I was in Austin, Scott and Liz came up to meet me. Scott said he likes to meet people who are following their dreams. He made a dream come true for me-by mowing his lawn into a Peace sign. See how great it looks! Your lawn could look like that-if you want-I’ll even mow […]

Hey there, Daphne here. In Maine, that is… Here’s a picture of me with Alix in Missoula, MT last year…stay tuned for one of us in San Francisco next week! I’m on the wings here at and I have to say I’m enjoying the ride. I can see many of you are

A peace piece, by D.

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I am very humbled and overjoyed by two major events yesterday. A gentleman named Heinz, a customer at my coffeeshop, donated a generous sum of money to the gas fund. His donation of $250 covers a large portion of petrol. I placed his name on the Peace map. The Peace map is how I will […]

While the passing of the war anniversary was not a happy moment, I can share better news with you. The Peace sign is 50 years old this weekend. My initial research showed muddled dates, but that was because it was actually USED for the first time in a Nuclear Disarmament march, that occurred on Easter […]

Martinsville, VA-Route 58

In: 2007 Blog, Peace Sign, Virginia

I made it to Asheville, North Carolina! Along the route 58 I noticed this sign, turned right around and took a picture. Then I waked right up to the door and said, “thank you, ” to the lovely lady who made this sign.

Crunch Time

In: 2007 Blog, Peace Sign, Scooter Gear, Scooters

I have been sorting through a bunch of last minute details-some sneaky ones popped up. One of my sub-leasers backed out after seeing the Doberman next door, who is harmless, old and couldn’t outrun a fast turtle. So, the Craigslist post has gone back up and the house is open once again for interviews. Really, […]

Hey Lookers! This summer Peace will be put on the map. Yep, literally. I will drive a route that creates a Peace sign around the U.S. The route starts at the White House and ends in Crawford, TX. What’s in Crawford, TX? Well, that’s George W. Bush’s other home. The way I see it, don’t […]

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