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Monday, June 2, 2008. Day 31 291 miles High Temperature in Yuma: 106 F Sunday night I fell face first into bed. Not inebriated, just mentally exhausted and my body felt like a noodle from the massage. My insurance guy called, Arizona time made it 6:30 am. Good guy, I use Fernet motorcycle insurance. He […]

Gas, food, lodging

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I am behind on updates, but wanted to share this video with you. It was made in a flash. The filming when scooting was shot with my Canon powershots and turned out ok. I am driving with one hand though and filming-quite an accomplishment on the curves and in the wind. The wind was horrible, […]

Tucson timezone

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I had hoped to sleep in late Sunday morning. Good fortune had provided me with a house to myself, espresso machine and dog included. Extreme charley horses woke me up early. I think they’ve been happening so much because of the new leg armor. They were the worst I’ve ever had. I woke up screaming, […]

Today’s conundrum

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The conundrum, thus far unanswered, is how to create the Peace sign, with pieces of the route rerouting me in such a way that creating Peace is impossible. To continue the outer circle, I need to make this type of line. That is the highway route. A highway that more than 5 people have asked […]

Division and dependency

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I woke up in a rather nice hotel and went over to the lobby for breakfast. Having been offered a military discount, the place was affordable. Yes, there is some irony in this situation. There were many perks. They grilled up a bunch of food for us for dinner, offered beverages and chips. Breakfast was […]

One year anniversary

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Gas prices going up has got me down. I’m sure that’s not a catchy phrase I invented. And I could spin it to say: gas prices going up has still got me going down the road-at 90 mpg. But, it’s true, this oil crisis is ridiculous. A gallon runs a good $.75-$1.25 more than last […]

Crude oil and juniper

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Day 25. 400 miles from Austin to Pecos. Austin has been good to me. My visit in Austin was extended by three days, not my original plan but not a bad place for plans to change. Audre (the scoot) was shipped home from Urban Moto last year and I barely remember it all through the […]

Raffles and Funds

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Okay, sorry about the delay in posting the winners of the Timbuk2 bag raffle and pint glass. There are many situations that have come up in the past couple of days which required my attention. On Friday I notified Shane Wilson and Sarah Chadd that they were winners in the third raffle! Shane enthusiastically wrote […]

Memorial Day

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I hope everyone is enjoying their three day holiday. Today is Memorial Day and in addition to honoring our soldiers, I encourage you to contemplate how we can create more Peace. I’ve been perusing some resources to find out how many wars we’ve been involved with since the Civil War; the origins of this holiday. […]

Austin, TX

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*ok, 3 loooong blogs should keep you going for a bit* Since Lake Charles I have traveled 390 miles, crossing into Texas, with a stop so far in Beaumont and Austin. I’ve finally seen A GATOR IN THE WILD and it provoked a hankering for a hunkering down in Cajun country to dance Zydeco, wrassle […]

PART TWO NOLA, the shenanigans

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I fiercely hope sometimes that this blog appeals to people, even if it’s mostly devoid of tales of drinking beer and debauchery across 9,000 miles. See, I leave most of that out, as I’m really hoping to share with you those raw, beautiful and unusual moments. The ones that highlight the good in people, the […]


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Days 10-14, a second post-Katrina visit to New Orleans. Listening to the local stories. Empathy and compassion are not the same thing. Empathy is a part of compassion, yes. But empathy, to identify with another person, is to imagine life in their shoes. Listening helps cultivate empathy. This is not a long blog, not a […]

Once in a Blue Moon

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I rarely discuss what I am experiencing personally when things are tough; when I’m scared; when I almost pass out from dehydration; when I receive mean comments about Peace. In the 11 months this blog has been up I certainly haven’t discussed what I’m getting ready to discuss. Ladies, it’s for you, but truly, it […]

Talk Radio

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P.s. from the last post Today I had the honor of speaking with Rosie Olson and Karen Johnson, live on Blog Talk Radio. Rosie is the host, and her warm personality made me feel as though we were friends in the same room. This helped with my initial shyness, although the program aired live and […]

God and Gators

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It is Day 16 and so much has already happened. I’ll admit, catching up on the blogposts is difficult right now. I’m sore, fighting off a migraine and frankly, just tuckered out. Last year, due to lack of planning, I stayed in many cheap motels. This made writing easier. This year I have been welcomed […]

Update, Lake Charles

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I left the Crescent City rather late yesterday, around 2pm. My conversations with Rich were worth lingering, and this is what a great adventure is all about, getting to know the people you meet, for however little time you have. There was a bon voyage breakfast at Lil Dizzie’s, and while I might not have […]

Jackson, MS

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I’ve entered the Bible Belt of America, where an abundance of churches dot the landscape and redemption lurks everywhere. Right now I’m writing from Jackson, MS, and God help us, they need better roads. I feel like I’m riding motocross with all the cracks and pot holes. It’s good preparation for New Orleans, where the […]

Magic City

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Lucky Day number 7 A HUGE Thank you to Magic City Scooters and all those incredibly fun scooterists! Even the car (cage) driving civilians I met were wonderful. Friday was my seventh day on the road and I had a lot of plans. Thursday had been a calm night visiting with my Aunt after a […]

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Well, here it is Mother’s Day, and mine is far away. Irony has it that I’m actually visiting my father, in Jackson, MS. It’s appropriate-I don’t think I’ve ever seen him on Father’s Day. And I wouldn’t be alive and scooting for Peace without their combined effort to bring me here. The […]

Highlights. ATL-BHAM

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6 am. 7 am. 8am….GO. It was a restless night. Thursday morning came early; anxious to beat the forecasted heavy rains, tornadoes, and hail. All of which are classic Southern afternoon delights, in May, especially. I shuffled over to Java Lords for guess what and chugged a strong red eye while packing the scooter and […]

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