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I’ve moved all my stuff in, I have my own floor here in Portland. The house is so yummy. Can a house be yummy? Well, sure. It’s painted in bright, citrus colors, yellow, tangerine and green, that are oh so pleasant. I have two friends here, no make that three if you count Henry, the […]

I feel great again, yay!

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A father and daughter just rode past the porch where I sit, typing and drinking coffee. The daughter was on a scooter also, the Lil Rascals kind and she says, “Dad, look a scooter!” “That’s a Peace Scooter honey!” (they see the signs on my seat cover) “Actually, it is a P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER” The morning […]

And I welcome you too, Oregon

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Well, I made it through California much faster this time than last year. I visited fewer friends this year, partly due to the split second decision to cut inland. But I’ve surely met some great folks the past couple of days on my jaunt to Eugene. A lot of people have shown their support and […]

Over the hills, but not far away…

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click on photos to go to my flickr account. I woke up twice today. The second time was at 7:45pm, the first at 11am. Last night’s slumber was an 11 hours session; miraculous and needed. I went to the front desk and asked for a late check out. The head honcho was hesitant but the […]

Back on the road again

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This is a photo from when the Bay Bridge collapsed. For those of you not in the Bay area, the Bay Bridge is one of wo/mans more successful attempts at mastery over nature. 9 long miles over nature. Were it not for this bridge, my re route would be 88 miles around the Bay, to […]

Halfway point

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this is the route ahead My tempo feels a bit off today. I’m leaving early in the morning, bound for Oregon. I’ve been here in San Fran for six days and it’s time to go. The land legs are back and there has been time to rejuvenate. Recognizing that I’ve reached the halfway point is […]

San Fran Scootin

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Covers our test drive up a massive hill and then rally footage from Saturday and Sunday. San Fran-Scootin from Alix Bryan on Vimeo.

I’m so happy that I mostly get to write positive blogs! I sat in Cafe Trieste with Shaun for hours today. We left at 9pm. I had used my wallet at 8:45 pm.  At 11:00 pm a call came through; didn’t answer, didn’t recognize the number. Checking my voicemail I discover I’ve lost my wallet. […]

I believe in community. There is a proverb that goes something like, “One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade.” Or, as Sandra Day O’Connor once said, “We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone … and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of […]

June Gloom and the inland decision

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Alright folks, I’m gearing up to offer you some fantastic updates. I’ve taken a four day vacation to attend the Scooter Rage 22 Rally, where they passed out Red Ryder BB Guns to some lucky winners. (Don’t shoot your eye out Ralphie) And to visit with Daphne, who flew out on Thursday. I have a […]

When I was in Austin, Scott and Liz came up to meet me. Scott said he likes to meet people who are following their dreams. He made a dream come true for me-by mowing his lawn into a Peace sign. See how great it looks! Your lawn could look like that-if you want-I’ll even mow […]

Shaun completes part one

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We arrived San Fran at 8pm. And by 9pm Shaun had his first fall. Holy Crow! The sound of your fellow scooterist companion hitting the ground is not cool. Actually, it was the scooter hitting the ground that I heard through my full face helmet. We came up on a stoplight with a patch of […]

Shucks, that’s Gravel!

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Day8 Shaun Day 38 Alix Distance traveled 201 miles We geared up heavy today for the ride, it was freezing. We waited until noon for the big fog cloud to burn away. Apparently, the sun wasn’t hot enough to do so. And apparently, there is a name for this phenomenon-June Gloom. June Gloom chills to […]

*clicking on the pictures takes you to my photo account, where they get bigger!* Tonight finds me in Carpinteria, CA; a little town currently enshrouded by ocean mist. It’s about 274 miles from San Diego. Tonight we are lodged in a Motel 6; definitely enjoying splitting motel costs with Sean. Since last Wednesday we’ve had […]

Shaun and I were scooting along through the hills of So-Cal. I was stopped to flip my page of directions and suddenly we spot a scooter. Then another and then a whole friggin pack. Those guys were riding through wine country to raise money for a cure for breast cancer. We just happened to pass […]

News article on NBC

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Watch closely, you’ll see P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER drive by…. I can’t believe how crappy this article turned out. Mike from NOHO Scooters had a lot of great things to say that were edited. So did I, but at least she worked in, “Alix Bryan, crossing the country for Peace.” People constantly ask me if the ride […]

Hey there, Daphne here. In Maine, that is… Here’s a picture of me with Alix in Missoula, MT last year…stay tuned for one of us in San Francisco next week! I’m on the wings here at peacescooter.com and I have to say I’m enjoying the ride. I can see many of you are

San Diego

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It’s been awhile since my last update. Right now I’m nodding asleep while writing. The four days here in San Diego have been action packed-lots of exploring, a Peace dinner party, superb hosts, Peace actions, visit to the local scooter shops. We leave early in the morning for LA-bags are packed and ready to go. […]

Hi! I'm Shaun… from Tucson! I met Alix a few days ago and decided to join her for a portion of the P.E.A.C.E. Scooter ride around the country. I started in Tucson, and I'll be riding to San Francisco with Alix. I will then do the trip home, along a different route, alone. Along the […]

An unexpected pit stop

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Day 2 for Shaun, Day 32 for me Miles covered:150 miles Starting temp= 100 Ending temp=52 Shaun being appropriately initiated with an almost 300 mile ride, this ride was supposed to be easy-about 211 miles. We each had a fair amount of gas and planned to gas up on the outskirts of town. But that […]

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