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 David Harrington might just have eight brains. He’s seems to know everything, but doesn’t come across as anything but entertaining and helpful.  He is one of many who made Minneapolis such a great visit! Click on the podcast and it will take you over to his site. www.justgottascoot.com Rock On!

Rip, crash and a new state!

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Ok, so I’ve slipped from this blogging gig as of late. And quite frankly, the previous week and a half was chock full of some bad events. So why bother? It feels really good to be back in the saddle. Although I was up at 8am, my departure from Minneapolis, or Mini Apples, wasn’t until […]

There will be posts, soon

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The reception here in Minneapolis has been so wonderful. I can’t believe it is already time to go! The days have flown past with lots of group riding, some volunteering, a Peace BBQ at the scoot shop, interviews, dog walking, and chilling with my two fabulous hosts. There will be much to say and I […]

Peace Makers around our country

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Just a video until I finish the next blog about how great Minnesota is. If you are in the Twin Cities, we will be grillin for Peace at Scooterville, MN, at 5:30. Untitled from Alix Bryan on Vimeo.

Lake Wobegon, where are you?

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The afternoon was windy. Not just fly a kite windy, but make sure the mailbox hasn’t flown away windy. There was a wind advisory out actually. I missed my turn and didn’t realize until I was 40 miles south of where I needed to be. Winds battering me from the northwest made for an impossible […]


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P.E.A.C.E started one year ago today! It’s still a spanking new fresh baby, there is a lot more to come in the years ahead. July 15, 2007 I scooted on up to the White House, GWB’s place of business. There I met Denise, who bought me a cup of coffee, and Samuel, who below, offered […]

Highway 200, long neural pathway. Ascending, descending mountains, one lone scooterist tracing the Continental Divide. Entering into Eastern Montana, the landscape flattens, with rolling hills offering just enough crest to see where I will be in 2 miles. Montana, with Missoula on one end and Circle at the other. The gates, but providence where? Here, […]

 I’m including this whole conversation because it was a learning experience for me. It was a test, for me not to be judgemental, angry or close minded. To continue to be listen calmly even though I did not agree with almost ANYTHING this gentleman said. I walked away thinking, “what if that guy was God?” […]


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Well, I’m sitting here underneath what seems to be a pretty precise half moon. I guess you might want an update on my scooter. I’m busy contemplating how my scooter is like your one, two, three or more bedroom house. Everything I use is on it. 90% of the stuff is functional and the accumulation […]

Fire on the mountain

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The mountain is on fire. The very mountain I hiked three days ago. Firecrackers ruin mountains. We watched grey puffy smoke roll across the mountains-from the mouth of a fat dragon it seemed. Almost forgettable at first, grey smoke just drifting through a blue sky. Now, helicopters are swooping water from the river;  it seems […]

View from the bottom and the top

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Sunday I woke up with a mountain to climb.  The smell of coffee always fills the house in the morning and Nancy is there to greet me. The dogs and cat have taken to piling around me, in the wee hours of the morning. It is home. We all go about our business and have […]

These green keychains appeared, SURPRISE, in the mail, from Philip McCaleb at Genuine Scooters. Thanks Phil, more stuff to carry. Help me lighten the load by buying one, five, ten or twenty…..they are only $5. On Monday I’ll figure out the shipping fee-no handling costs. See, paypal takes a cut too, so the price is […]

Growing Peace is Patriotic

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Here is an updated photo of Amy’s lawn. Please understand that you too can have something this incredible in your front yard. If you are on my route, I will do it. If not, YOU can do it. Today’s ride was the longest yet, in time, not mileage. I rode for 1o hours. That’s after […]

I re- read the previous blog post, about the Bavarian village escapades. I still don’t feel like the moment was captured. There I was, totally a zombie, when two really cool individuals appear. I spoke slowly. I could barely speak actually. And somehow, when I didn’t think I could even muster a conversation, the next […]

The beginning of the end

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There it was, the turn East, the invisible archway announcing my arrival upon the homestretch. And I knew for certain because of the fancy, new to me, although used, GPS system now mounted on my dash. What’s this? Ha, something I should have done a LONG time ago. Chad kindly gave me his old GPS. […]

Channel 4, you are number 1

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Thank you to Denise Whitaker, who, with the help of Ley, the camerman, put together the best mainstream coverage P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER has yet received. Click to view it on their website:

Last year, I rolled in to Seattle with a cowgirl limp. Crossing the Wild West through Big Sky Country and Eastern Washington had proven harder than I imagined. There were some flukes-electrical issue and flat tire. And I was rushing. It’s never palatable to rush these kind of trips. It’s all hazy really. I want […]

Okay, I rode 18,450 miles before changing the suspension. Perhaps this is even the first historical Buddy suspension change? If not, it’s in the top 10, I bet. Oh, and since the Ducati boys threw on some Conti Zippy 1’s, the final homestretch promises to be even smoother! Audre (the scooter) also left Ducati with […]

I made a final stop by Corazzo on the way out of the Rose City. Still hopeful I might get a foosball game out of Chad, I made like I wanted to film the shop. Well, it is a rather nice shop. And I do adore Cletis, the puppy. Fortunately for Chad, the foosball table […]

This Portland stop- I can’t say if it went fast or slow. If I stayed just the right length of time or not enough. Try to imagine what it’s like to find “home” on the road. The whole point of being on the road is that you aren’t at home. So it’s tricky. A seasoned […]

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