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©2008 Joni Kabana photo courtesy of Joni That is my dear friend of 10+years, Erika, from Portland, OR. In the background, I believe, is her sister. Also randomly found on the internet, on Google Maps Streetview–my scooter. And a block away–ME. This was a big, although creepy, surprise. I stumbled across this because Mikie Taps, […]

So where has my scooter been for 6 weeks? Did anything happen to it? Nope. Something happened to my sanity without having it to ride for 6 weeks, but that’s another story. Today I was reunited with Audre. As a flashback for y’all, my trip started and ended in Washington D.C. and my family and […]

Ok, I think the recovery period has passed. I’m still incredibly sore, but those wounds should probably be licked in private. I will warn those thinking about riding 11,000 miles in 3 months-you will hurt. But, I have now slept 8 hours a night for three nights, and I feel kinda shiny again. I’ve come […]

Raffle Winners!! Woo Hoo!!

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Untitled from Alix Bryan on Vimeo. Prizes & Winners (drum roll please…) Congratulations! 1. Ipod Nano: Gary Martin 2. Vintage Helmet:  Shane Wilson 3. Messenger Bag: Eric Almendral 4. Genuine Workshirt: Deborah Bishop 5. D.O.T Flip Flops Shirt: Jay Monteverde 6. Corazzo Gloves: Charles Leib 7. P.E.A.C.E. Scooter T-shirt: Deborah Bishop 8. Keychains: Samuel Fischer […]

Folks, Peace is on the map.

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It occurs to me that I should officially post about the victory group ride and BBQ. Two events which can only represent one thing. I’m here in D.C. Peace has been put on the map. I’m the first to admit that there is a noticeable gap in the blog-from Chicago to D.C. Well, stay tuned. […]

Day 94

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Today I am headed out of Cleveland, towards Pittsburgh. But not without paying a visit to Kent State. My Fragmob.com View My Fragmob.com Mobile Images Friday, May 1At Kent State, a massive demonstration was held on May 1 on the Commons (a grassy knoll in the center of campus traditionally used as a gathering place […]

Day 94, a goodnight

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I haven’t really been maintaining the blog recently. There is so much to tell, that sometimes, at the end of the day, if I don’t offer precise detail, I feel that I can’t do the day justice. Details can be difficult. I say-buy the book. I can promise LOTS of detail in that! So where […]

Day 91

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Oberlin to Cleveland to Detroit. My Fragmob.com View My Fragmob.com Mobile Images

Racine, Wisconsin

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Pete contacted me last year to offer compliment on the “Hell A to Joshua Tree” blog. He also agreed that my host in Pasadena, Mike Frankovich of NOHO scooters, is a great guy. They scooted Route 66 together awhile ago and called it Scoot 66. A writing compliment from Pete is an honor, he’s a […]

Milwaukee, WI

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I have Milwaukee on the mind because I just watched the Brewers suffer a major loss to the Cubs. Just five days before the game, I was riding around the Miller stadium with my host Dave. Who I kept wanting to call Mike, although never did out loud. For some reason I was under the […]

Day 89

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Dontcha worry, there are real blogs on the way. After a great birthday spent with the Genuine Scooter Company, I’m packing up for Ohio. Today’s photos are Chicago-Ohio, Day 89 on the road with just 9 more travel days. My Fragmob.com View My Fragmob.com Mobile Images

Day 88 on the road, with a birthday

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Today’s photo content will be live from Scooterworks and Genuine Scooter Company. And of course, there is always the unexpected. If you want to see the actual galleries on fragmob then you might have to get an account. Warning, it’s addictive. That out of the way, COME ON. What’s one more FREE account. Besides, I’m […]

Birthday present

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Jennie is cool. She mowed her lawn into a Peace sign, knowing I wouldn’t be able to make it out there to see her. Which is a bummer, but let’s focus on how great that Peace sign is!  Thanks for the Birthday present Jennie! The peace sign turned 50 years old this year. Happy Birthday […]

P.E.A.C.E in the news

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Trekking for Peace. That’s cool. You’ll notice, though, if you click on the photo and squinch your eyes at the bottom text, that Scott misquoted my mileage. He wrote, “2,500 miles.” Or else someone misprinted it. Perhaps they thought-oh, no, that would be impossible. Not so my friends! The odometer nears 22,000 right now! To […]

Be the lamp

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So, where did I leave off? Oh, right,  a 300 mile ride that brought me into Madison, WI, as evening fell. That’s probably the longest stretch of riding I will do until I make the drive from Washington D.C. to Maine. For now, there are many stops along the way, driving 50-200 miles at a […]

Day 5 in the Twin Cities

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****If you scroll down, you will find 5 entries about Minneapolis. Right now I am in Milwaukee. My focus isn’t going to be the blog. I have just two weeks left on the road. I’ll check in, but I won’t have time to write the longer pieces. I hope you can help spread the word […]

Day 4 in the Twin Cities

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It was a late night. Nathaniel and Kate were enjoying sleeping late on a Saturday morning. How weird. A day off. A weekend off. Holy Crow. A normal schedule. I’m not sure I will be able to handle a 40 hour work week when the ride is over…. It’s gonna have to be a good […]

Day 3 in the Twin Cities

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July 17th, the day Americans anxiously await the release of the Dark Knight. My Minneapolis recreation activities director  had returned to work after a brief vacation with me.  I had many things planned though and was happy to have my own transpo. I even felt pretty comfortable getting through the big city. Eden Prairie, where […]

Minneapolis July 17. Day 2 I didn’t want to get out of bed. I did. I had some coffee. I wanted to go back to bed. The sky dumped torrential rain. Thankfully, no driving. I can’t think of a day in the past year when I’ve pulled back the blinds to see rain and promptly […]

Arrival into Minneapolis

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Tuesday July 16. Minneapolis, MN Greg had dropped me off in St. Paul, on his way to Wisconsin. The scooter was unloaded at Scooterville, MN and then we managed to find a random, cheap hotel. He wasn’t sure how I would get back to Scooterville but this is where Dave enters the picture.  Scooterists are […]

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