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Last year, I rolled in to Seattle with a cowgirl limp. Crossing the Wild West through Big Sky Country and Eastern Washington had proven harder than I imagined. There were some flukes-electrical issue and flat tire. And I was rushing. It’s never palatable to rush these kind of trips. It’s all hazy really. I want […]

While the passing of the war anniversary was not a happy moment, I can share better news with you. The Peace sign is 50 years old this weekend. My initial research showed muddled dates, but that was because it was actually USED for the first time in a Nuclear Disarmament march, that occurred on Easter […]

Matua and Vespadition

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“You can not travel the path until you have become the path itself” This is the credo of Matua, who will be traveling a long path starting this spring. I heard from Matua in the end of January. His first letter came to me a month after I had decided to complete the Peace sign […]

Today marks the day the U.S. went to war. Whether or not you are for the war–people are dying. Most people who support the war will not look you in the eye and say, “I’m happy people are dying.” Well, that’s a common ground we share then. I’m not happy people are dying or that […]

No shamrocks about it, my City Council agreed to hold a vote for the Department of Peace. It is now on the agenda and the vote is set for April 7, 2008. If you are a local, show up, the support always helps. And, shucks, no shamrocks about it, instead of chugging a Guinness at […]

Both require elbow grease. Bad jokes aside, I was in for a bit of my own punishment the other night. If it makes you feel better, laughing at my own bad jokes was my own demise the other night- I was disqualified from my first round wrasslin. My first CLAW (Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers) match […]

“Raking war over the coals”

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*photo courtesy of Past coupla days the theme here has been activities involving the formation of a Peace sign- er, in Wisconsin. Well, just 114 miles down the road from Racine, WI, in Madison, you are invited to the “Grill’n for Peace.” I think Tom Barry, founder, artist and obvious Peacenik is a top […]

You tell me…

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If you believe we deserve the right to question the decisions of our leaders? And is it offensive to do so? And do you feel there is value to your opinions? Is that a scooter in the background, that the cop is riding? Far out. This is a photo from Carter’s inauguration. I’m spending the […]

A few things on the TO DO list. My friend, baker at the Mudhouse, Eliza, has made me a peace flag for the trip. I am zooming out to grab it and have some pizza at Dr. Ho’s thats been planned for awhile now. Otherwise, this is it, the excitement is swelling to a massive […]

This is an excerpt from my correspondence with a very cool, supportive female scooterist in D.C. We are trying to get a ride in place, if not with a bunch of people, at least a chance to meet one another. Anyways, I am posting my response to make my modus operandi a bit clearer to […]

Hey Lookers! This summer Peace will be put on the map. Yep, literally. I will drive a route that creates a Peace sign around the U.S. The route starts at the White House and ends in Crawford, TX. What’s in Crawford, TX? Well, that’s George W. Bush’s other home. The way I see it, don’t […]

Trip Blip

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A P.E.A.C.E. SCOOTER A Patriot’s Exhibition Advancing Community and Environmentalism, on a Scooter Peace, what is it? Do you think we have enough of it? What is your vision? I don’t settle for the world I live in these days. Actually, were any of us really taught to settle? It’s a culture where we always […]

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