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There were a couple of entries and photos not documented. WARNING: this entry is twice the length of my typically long travel blogs. Maybe enjoy in two parts. I came across a box from OKC as I was packing up my stuff in preparation for the ’08 Sc00t. It contained some items sent ahead to […]

Circle, MT

In: 2 Wheel Travel, 2007 Blog

AKA Roundtown. A lurch. Check the mirrors, good–no tractor trailers behind me. A silence. Then a loud POP.  Navigate the bike off the road. Wind gusts around me, laughing it seems, as I forlornly turn to stare back towards the small town in the distance. Circle, Montana. POP=600. Highway 200W. A beautiful but lonely by-way […]

TO GOD IN HIS GLORY, we two nations dedicate this garden and pledge ourselves that as long as men shall live, we will not take up arms against one another. Well, P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER has gone international, not so much an intentional happening. Just a zany invisible border that declares one country separate from the other. […]

Thank you from Nebraska

In: 2007 Blog

I’ve checked into a hotel in Fairbury, Nebraska, finally making it out of Kansas. Temperatures held steady at 106 degrees today. I’m parched, shaky and totally fried–sunburnt because I shed all my safety gear in the heat of the day. Still, I engaged with the hotel clerk, for about an hour. They don’t really see […]

116.7 miles

In: 2007 Blog, Gulf Coast

A lot of significant moments can occur in 116.7 miles, regardless of whether you travel by foot, bicycle, car, horse, boat, or scooter. Moments too can happen in one minute-like meeting cool strangers like Lloyd. I asked Lloyd if I was headed in the proper direction on my meandering detour and we spent the next […]

Hey ya! Let’s meet tomorrow. Right now I am only in Gulfport. It has been a crappy day of meandering, confusing detours, crazy cage drivers almost hitting me, bridges with steel grates and severe thunderstorms. I am waking up early in the morning, to make the rest of the drive. I heard Pass Christians bridge […]

Toward New Orleans

In: 2007 Blog, Scooters

Hey y’all-I am heading out in a minute, glad to have an early start to the day after reading PJ Chmiel’s travelogue on the Gulf Coast route to NOLA. His website is a great resource of info and photography-and good way to waste time also! I know I sure have! Definitely check him out and […]


In: 2007 Blog, Alabama, Pro-Peace, Scooters

I have been traveling about a week and a half now. Those first few days seem really distant in my mind, with the geography and culture of the landscape changing so rapidly. I am getting used to most of the quirks one experiences traveling by scooter. First, there is the gear, and the packing/unloading of […]

Overheard in Montgomery, AL, hotel lobby. I felt obligated to interject a joke to break the awkward silence. “Well, she’s not in the trunk is she?”


In: 2007 Blog, Georgia, Non violence, Pro-Peace

When I was in ATL the other day I picked up a book from the MLK Jr. Center for Non Violence and Social Justice. The first sentence in the book , The Measure of Man, questions, “What is man?” What follows below is an excerpt: “Some years ago a group of chemists who had a […]

Hey folks. So, here I am in Sweet Home Alabama. Yep, I was born here awhile back-and moved away as a baby. It’s scorching hot today, 95 degrees without humidity! Today finds me in Montgomery, AL-I had a family day yesterday with my Aunt-a different tempo from the fun, wild ATL nights. Auntie brought me […]

You tell me…

In: 2007 Blog, Direct Action, Scooters

If you believe we deserve the right to question the decisions of our leaders? And is it offensive to do so? And do you feel there is value to your opinions? Is that a scooter in the background, that the cop is riding? Far out. This is a photo from Carter’s inauguration. I’m spending the […]

Alternative Roots (routes)

In: 2007 Blog, Georgia

My bottlecap fortune right before I left Charlottesville! How true! I took a pretty straight shot here to ATL from Asheville. Cruising down 23 was easy last night but today the road was full of zooming “cages.” I arrived in the Peach State this afternoon. Fortunately, a friend lives here, so I am crashing her […]

As I write this, the clouds hang heavy in the sky, casting some grey light on today’s departure to Atlanta. Appropriately though, as recently I can’t seem to leave on a sunny day. My friend calls it the “Truman Ride.” It’s not that bad really, 2 for 2. However, when I left Charlottesville, VA on […]

Martinsville, VA-Route 58

In: 2007 Blog, Peace Sign, Virginia

I made it to Asheville, North Carolina! Along the route 58 I noticed this sign, turned right around and took a picture. Then I waked right up to the door and said, “thank you, ” to the lovely lady who made this sign.

A few things on the TO DO list. My friend, baker at the Mudhouse, Eliza, has made me a peace flag for the trip. I am zooming out to grab it and have some pizza at Dr. Ho’s thats been planned for awhile now. Otherwise, this is it, the excitement is swelling to a massive […]

A Welcome

In: 2007 Blog, Charlottesville, Community, Inspiration

Welcome to this hub! My heart is pulsing with excitement that you are here. It is a blessing to realize how many souls shine with willingness to change the world. We move separately but unite energetically, reveling in the bliss of being alive. This website is a “WE SPACE” PRODUCTION. So, while you visit, celebrate […]

Destination: WHITE HOUSE

In: 2007 Blog, D.C.

Just two pics for now. It’s late-I’ve been scooting all day!

Hey y’all (southern girl after all) Alright, alright. Today I experimented with the gear, throughout the week everything arrived for packing up! I am a pack master-but have never applied the skills to a scooter. This scoot has some crucial accessories that make packing easier. All in all, I don’t plan on taking a whole […]


In: 2007 Blog, Alabama, Charlottesville, D.C., Preparation

If the encouragement that people continually offer me was a meal-I would not eat alone-we would all feast for days. Many thanks, y’all. Just about everything came via the mail this week. More on my thoughts about that at a later time. Today the stickers arrived-another PJ and Alix late night endeavor. They are really […]

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