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  Here is the new story and the article to go with it. Yesterday the P.E.A.C.E. SCOOTER was stolen outside the place where I was housesitting. I sent out a tweet and a Facebook post, and what happened next was really quite astounding. Hundreds of people both ReTweeted and Facebooked my post about the scooter’s […]

See, I’m still alive

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Shocked to see me in your RSS? I’ve been a very busy lady and horrible blog mother. My baby over here has been demanding content, meanwhile I went and birthed another: Convergence: A Multi-Media Portfolio That was our first assignment in my Online Journalism class….create a blog. No worries, I have started learning more useful […]

22k Mile Scoot for Peace from Alix Bryan on Vimeo. My friend Jacob sent me a studio copy of his beautiful song, Backroads, to put on the DVD version of this video–it’s a submission for grad school. In the future, I would like to rework some of my footage into a movie that features his […]


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The by-ways, highways, routes, lanes, and country roads of America reflect a regions culture;  offer up stories to the traveler that can not be found on the interstates. Sure if you need to zoom along from point A to point B, jump on the slab. You will notice that in America, we share an overarching […]

So where has my scooter been for 6 weeks? Did anything happen to it? Nope. Something happened to my sanity without having it to ride for 6 weeks, but that’s another story. Today I was reunited with Audre. As a flashback for y’all, my trip started and ended in Washington D.C. and my family and […]

Shaun and I were scooting along through the hills of So-Cal. I was stopped to flip my page of directions and suddenly we spot a scooter. Then another and then a whole friggin pack. Those guys were riding through wine country to raise money for a cure for breast cancer. We just happened to pass […]

Hey there, Daphne here. In Maine, that is… Here’s a picture of me with Alix in Missoula, MT last year…stay tuned for one of us in San Francisco next week! I’m on the wings here at peacescooter.com and I have to say I’m enjoying the ride. I can see many of you are

On the road again

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You can imagine my excitement over the past two weeks-presenting two wheel journeys to you while preparing for my own. I’m exhausted yet in a very calm state of mind. The work that I’ve put into preparations for the past couple of months taken shape. Thank you to every kind person who has helped thus […]

Long Distance Scooterist #10

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Click on this lovely photo to discover the adventure: Roaming Around My Beloved Land, Exploring R.A.M.B.L,E is a distinctive travel journal, you will enjoy the accounts of America, whether or not you ride scooters. PJ Chmiel is a man of class and intelligence. He sets the bar high; just spend a few minutes on his […]

4 horsepower

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I’m behind posting the daily long distance rider, so I will post a couple today. Here is a video for you, weighing in at 10 minutes-maybe a good thing to watch during lunch break. The trip was 6 days, 1,400 km-a respectable little trip on a tiny scooter. The steed? A Honda Today, a 49cc […]

WANderlust King

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I owe y’all one about two wheel adventurers. Today’s guy truly has a lot of Seoul, coming right out of South Korea to the U.S. His modus operandi-see America and drink a lot of beer. Oh, and catch crabs-for dinner. I’m just amazed by this guy and so are his allegiance of fans on the […]

There were a couple of entries and photos not documented. WARNING: this entry is twice the length of my typically long travel blogs. Maybe enjoy in two parts. I came across a box from OKC as I was packing up my stuff in preparation for the ’08 Sc00t. It contained some items sent ahead to […]

‘Hog Tales’

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*photo image from www.bikerlady.com/bikerladyweb/saltlakecity.jpg Above are the first women to cross the country by motorcycle, Avis and Effie Hotchkiss. This duo braved a land still inhabited by real Cowboys and Indians; a land devoid of Starbuck’s monuments and, gasp, good roads. Seeking no fame nor fortune, they completed the tour to the Pacific in four […]

If this guy can do it….

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was the persistent echo…..urging me into the belief I could ride cross country on a scooter. I, too was the owner of a 49cc Honda Metropolitan. When I found Laird Van Dyck’s (brief) account of his 9,000 mile cross country ride-it was all green lights. Without furthur ado: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/tstories/vandyck/  P.S. It’s not a pretty website. […]

Mopeds and Sasquatches

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Ok, it is day 4 of two wheel travelin’ tales. I’m presenting one that you just couldn’t make up. The story over at Crappy Little Dreams is hypnotic, hysterical, totally original. I only hope to keep my travel tales as interesting as this fellas-he’s really got that mopeder, off-the-cuff spirit. This is one of the […]

Picking a helmet

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Tonight I had a lot of lofty goals to accomplish on what has been a laid back Sunday. Instead I started poking around on the internet to find today’s long distance scooterist. (LDS) Four hours later, I’ve blown off my other tasks, but am literally reeling from all the captivating, weird stories out there. I […]

To Guatemala, 1975

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Today, in honor of two wheel exploits, to be continued until my departure, I’m sharing something PJ Chmiel sent to me. He discovered this newspaper clipping through www.scooterbbs.com. No one really knows anything about her or escapades from her trip. Just the purpose. In 1975 a lady from Tulsa, OK decided to promote the transportation […]

Lois is on the Loose!

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One thing I discovered last year while riding a scooter 11,000 miles is that hundreds, thousands of people have taken the road less traveled. They have flung themselves away from comfortable homes, onto the road where they must constantly redefine their comfort level. Everywhere I went someone told me about so and so doing such […]

Circle, MT

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AKA Roundtown. A lurch. Check the mirrors, good–no tractor trailers behind me. A silence. Then a loud POP.  Navigate the bike off the road. Wind gusts around me, laughing it seems, as I forlornly turn to stare back towards the small town in the distance. Circle, Montana. POP=600. Highway 200W. A beautiful but lonely by-way […]

TO GOD IN HIS GLORY, we two nations dedicate this garden and pledge ourselves that as long as men shall live, we will not take up arms against one another. Well, P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER has gone international, not so much an intentional happening. Just a zany invisible border that declares one country separate from the other. […]

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