A Patriot’s Exhibition Advancing Community and Environmentalism,on a Scooter

On 8/8/08 I completed a 22,668 mile ride for Peace. I still hope to fill the Peace map that you see above. Please click on it and if you feel inclined, sponsor a section of the Peace map. Any money generated will be used to help me live. I spent thousands on this project and donated thousands between 3 charities.

 p.e.a.c.e scooter from Alix Bryan on Vimeo.

You can find press and interviews about P.E.A.C.E Scooter by following these links:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY7eKFbLhTw http://www.happynews.com/news/7262007/putting-peace-map.htm

You can look through the archives to read about last year’s 11,000 miles.

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Key Events:
In 2007 I purchased my first scooter, a 49cc Honda Metropolitan. This was logical progression for me, a two wheel advocate, who had been cycling to get everywhere since 1998. My friend had just bought one, I took it around the neighborhood and decided a scooter was going to save me time without compromising my environmental transportation credo. One spring day in late May 07, after what was my longest scooter ride yet, 30 miles, I decided I would take my scooter around the country to promote Peace.

The week before, at an art exhibit, a John Lennon quote had really affected me. “If a billion people were thinking about Peace, there would be Peace in our world.” So I decided that Peace really needed to be put on the U.S. map. Literally. I announced this idea to my friends and yes, they thought it was just a joke. Within 2 days I had purchased an atlas and began to piece together the route. The next question was to do this on a 49cc or acquire funding for a bigger scooter?

My research led me to the Genuine Scooter Company.

I decided that the amount of miles in the creation of this Peace sign would require a bigger scooter. Possessing little mechanical knowledge led me to a scooter that had won performance reviews and had a 24hr roadside assistance package, 2 year warranty. I began “training” by riding my 49cc 120 miles roundtrip, to Scoot Richmond. I checked out the Buddy125 and knew that was my steed of choice. A letter was penned to the company and within 12 hours of sending it, I had confirmation of Genuine’s assistance. It was a good letter, I guess. (genuine.rtf )

The plan was taking shape, but there was so much work to do. I had no gear, no money, no dogsitter, no camera-just some bizarre idea-that I believed in with all my might. Thankfully, my friends chipped in with their various talents and within two weeks the buzz began generating. Once this website went up, there was no looking back. Within 40 days of the plan’s conception, I was suddenly packed up and on the road!

There I was, suddenly on an open road with 20,000 miles ahead. My mom was panicking; I had no experience long distance scootering and still no funding. Just a plan to ask hundreds of Americans how they define Peace and how they would teach it to their children. Not the most popular time to do this, it seems, while in the middle of a war. To me, however, it continues to be the most necessary time to do this. The idea, “Point Two fingers, not one,” popped into my head.

Instead of focusing on differences (for us or against us) I decided to focus on how we can make a difference. My focus is personal peace-I’m not asking what you think about the war or the next Presidential candidate. You can, of course, leave comments about that stuff. P.E.A.C.E Scooter is just a genuine act of showing love for what we have here in America, despite all the goofs, while asking you what you think this one word, Peace, actually means.

Truly wanting to do my part in improving the world, P.E.A.C.E Scooter is also a fundraiser. What started as a little plan not even one year ago has changed my life. P.E.A.C.E Scooter is many things: an art project, a demonstration, an endurance test, a documentary hopefully, a fundraiser. Simply, it is a way to promote peace with every mile.

My path in life has been a mix of playing very hard and studying, but I’ve always been exposed to alternative ideas and alternative routes.

About Me: Of course this ride isn’t all about me, but I’m a part of it. More than anything it is about US, how together we can improve the world. You might be inviting me into your home, or just be generally curious about me, so here’s some facts about Alix. Just remember that P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER would be nothing without you and your thoughts about personal peace, community and environmentalism.

Dwelling: Charlottesville, VA. Thomas Jefferson’s playground, a progressive oasis in Virginia. We have a wall in the heart of downtown that exists only to be drawn and written on in the name of free speech. Perhaps this wall has influenced my idea that more people should express what Peace actually means to them. This particular town has also deepened my appreciation for community. I am proud of my one mixed beagle-shepherd mutt extraordinaire, named Marco Polo.

Perspective: I’d rather us make history by creating Peace, than become history in its absence. A good amalgamation of scientist and Buddhist. Dedicated student of Integral Theory. It’s not the most popular time to travel and discuss Peace, but I think it is the most important time. I’m frightened that most people don’t have a definition of Peace and so I hope to generate dialog that fosters change. I believe every person helps to make the world better, small acts are not to be overlooked and that knowing what you want helps you to get it.

Talents: A human equivalent to the duckbill platypus. Activism. Communication. Production Management. Vegetarian Cooking. Writing-papers, reviews, articles, rhymes, shorts, haiku’s.
Driving: Forklifts, dump trucks, fast cars, scooters, bicycles, golf carts, Big vans. Rock hopping. Prankstering. Organizing. Candling. Floor tiling. Archery. Laughing. Chess. Surviving. Scheming. Rune Reading. Making T shirts, not silkscreening, yet. Learning. Remembering numbers. Multi-tasking. Highly adaptable, enjoy taking on new perspectives and integrating them. Design conception. Knowing it, saying it, loving it.

Enjoy: Alternative Transport: Scooters, skateboards, bicycles, trains. Bike lanes. Well planned cities. Quality-good coffee, home-brews, good shoes. Resourcefulness. Sharpie marker collections. Collecting images. Anything to do with my dog. Doodling. Long conversations. Rabble rousers. Old-school Hardware stores. Technology. Floating in the ocean. Aromas, many aromas. Making good cappuccino foam and latte art. Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Ken Wilber. Conscious hip hop.Documentaries! How else would I keep up with all the injustices, random people and story lines of the world? Top Five right now: The Future of Food, Manufacturing Consent, Iron-Jawed Angels, This is what Democracy Looks Like, and 10 mph.

Up for: getting down. Dance parties. Yoga: kundalini, hatha, bikram, Glenn Black. Experiments. Basketball. Martial arts. Traveling. Live music-all kinds. Chess. Local food, preferably organic. Hiking. Swimming, but no more lifeguarding. Things to read in the bathroom. Bringing a book bag to the store instead of using a plastic bag. Art: making it, viewing it. Rock, paper, scissors as a decision maker. Catching customers off guard at the coffee shop. Fitting the square peg into the circle. Thumbwrestling. Sunsets. Bubble Baths. Dancing like no one is watching. D.I.Y. projects, like making my own sprouts. Bull riding and Bull shitting. Full moon bike rides. Aimless walks. Drum circles.

Tunes: Music means so much to me. Briefly, top rotation right now: Sound Tribe Sector 9, Spoon, Lucinda Williams, Ani Difranco, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, Mc k-os, The Abyssinians, bhangra music, Brass Bands, Fela Kuti, Bjork, DJ Shadow, Deltron, Saul Williams, Shpongle, MOS DEF, Trees on Fire, Jazz Music, StereoLab, The Avalanches, BassNectar, Stevie Wonder…..

Best live shows:
Greatful Dead/Las Vegas/ May 16, 1993
Sound Tribe Sector9/Electric Factory/2006
Ani Difranco/Pier 47/1998 or Jazz Festival/NOLA/2000
Camp Bisco/Hunter Mountain/2006. Aside from all the dirty hippies running around and the fact that the festival was at a ski-resort. Who can dance on hills? Or enjoys lugging gear up a ski slope?

Lifestyle:internal I take care of body and mind. Lots of exercise. Eat really well. Fast not furious. Prefer to eat raw foods, lots of vegetables. Guilty pleasure: Boca Breakfast Sausage. Milk grosses me out. Tangential Thinker. Breathwork must extend below the upper chest to live right! I chant a lot too, sometimes riding the scooter-I just OM over and over. Preventive lifestyle, pop the Vitamin C daily, get the goods from juice and veggies, eat for my body type. Love me some Spirulina.
Lifestyle:external Make my own shirts mostly….would rather be a bulletin board for things I celebrate than big corps. Thrift or bargain shop. Farmer’s Markets. Outspoken. Tattoos of my milemarkers. One 8 gauge piercing in the ear-conch. Get nervous about little things you wouldn’t expect. Hum. Sing out loud, off key, I like to hear my voice singing-you might not.


Birmingham, AL (74-78)
Kansas City, MO (78-80)
Washington, D.C. (80-81)
Richmond, VA (81-93)
On the road (93-97) Cross country 7 times…never seen the Grand Canyon. Four states left to visit: Maine, New Hampshire, Alaska, North Dakota.
Richmond, VA (98-2004)
Rhinebeck, NY; Oberlin, OH; Maui, HI; San Fransisco, CA (2004-2006)
Charlottesville, VA (2006-08)
Auburn, ME (2008-?)

Schoolin’: I graduated with two awards-the Principal’s award for journalism and the Richmond-Times Dispatch award for it as well. Holding the title of school newspaper editor didn’t hurt either, so ‘92 held a lot of promise for me in the media industry. I landed an internship through the NBC local news affiliate and was accepted to Virginia Commonwealth University as a Journalist Major. I proceeded to evacuate Richmond, VA in the middle of my freshman year. The impetus? A class assignment- an investigational interview with a big wig at NBC. Right then and there, every nerve in my body screamed to do something different with my future. So, I headed out of town to figure it out. Seven years later I returned to VCU, four years after that I walked with my B.S. in Political Science. Throw a bunch of Womens Studies classes in there, along with a certificate in Non Profit Administration and you’ve got the overeducated philosopher without a real job.
School wasn’t over yet though, I took the learning to the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. I lived and worked in a community where people visit from all over the world. I spent a lot of time developing my yoga and meditation practice. I was also exposed to hula-hooping, devil sticks, chakras, drawing, Reiki Level One, Spanish Guild, Tai Chi, Massage, a great sauna and Lyme’s Disease.

thank you for reading,

Love, Alix

16 Replies to “About”

  1. You are doing it! We are all doing it! Your courageous actions inspire us all to do it more.

    I am a peace clown living in Maui, getting ready to put together a peace caravan.

    Peace and Love,

    Dagen Julty

  2. I followed your trip from the beginning and greatly enjoyed it. I ride a Piaggio MP3 and “dream” about riding it to Idaho and back to New York next summer. Your networking and grass roots support helped you persevere in getting your peace message across. I commend you for your adventure and efforts.

  3. Bob-Those MP3’s are pretty comfy for a long ride! I hope you follow your dream-do IT! Idaho is pretty-do you have family there?

  4. In response to your question. I am from Idaho and go home each summer to visit my 87 yr old mother, sisters, brother and grown kids. You might say I go home and visit those places where I once lived, visit my family, and return to New York refreshed in knowing Idaho is still there and O.K. I lived in a “ghost town” called Atomic City for 4yrs before coming East in 1972. You might say “I survived Atomic City”.
    You should never ask me questions, I love to talk.

  5. So, I google mapped the trip, from NYC to Atomic City-all I have to go on here. Well, the good news is thats only 2,303 miles one way Bob. What’s the gas economy on the MP3?

    Since you feel like “talking”-hows about leaving your definition of Peace up on the website? 🙂

  6. I don’t know if what I have is wisdom. How I feel though about Peace. Peace for me is pretty much like safety. Knowing that when I go to bed at night, that all that I take for granted will be there in the morning. When I wake up, I know that my family, friends, and community are for the most part safe and whole. When all this comes together, then I feel peace.

    Well that’s how I feel.
    Thank you for asking.

  7. Peace is a place in the heart. In the real world you cannot have peace without strength.
    The United States maintains peace by having power. Having power requires having an Army, made up of the people, for the people. Keep in mind that if we did not have the power, those of you that advicate peace would be silenced by those in power (assuming that the U.S. was overrun by a foreign power).
    I served in the U.S.Navy, am proud to have served in the service. We are strong only if all Americans are willing to put themself on the line, when called to do so.
    Granted, the Irak war was willed on us by our president and we were not consulted as a nation….but, those soldiers that are serving there, were ordered there by our president, AND we have an obligation to support them.
    I am for peace, but not at the expense of those who have put their life on the line in service to their country. Sorry!

  8. Dear Alix, Best wishes for a peaceful and memorable ride. Friends of Peace Pilgrim congratulates you on your efforts to spread a message of peace from coast to coast and border to border. I’m sure that Peace Pilgrim would approve. We have added a link to your website from the Peace Pilgrim site. Journey well.

    “This is the way of peace; overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.” Peace Pilgrim (Mildred Norman Ryder) 1908-1981

  9. oops, I don’t know how I copied and pasted all those songs instead of just _This is Peace_, you are welcome to edit out the previous songs, the peace song is at the very bottom. Sorry about that. Must post earlier in the evening….

    My current favorite definition of peace comes in the form of a song sung by Holly Near and written by Amy Carol Webb. It can be found here: http://www.hollynear.com/cds/show.up.html

    This is Peace
    Words and music by Amy Carol Webb
    © Different Stripes Music, ASCAP

    It’s still believing in love in a moment of anger
    It’s still believing in faith in the face of fear
    It’s still believing in courage in the presence of danger
    It’s believing in truth when nothing much seems clear

    It’s still believing in righteousness when all around seems wrong
    It’s still believing in joy when sorrow’s tears prevail
    It’s still believing in harmony when your heart forgets its song
    It’s still believing in hope when all else fails

    This is peace
    The only kind we’ll ever know
    On the sojourn here below the canopy of dreams

    This is peace
    The kind no one may lock and raise
    It’s gratitude and praise
    And love by any means

    It’s still believing in light as the shadows deepen
    It’s still believing in fellowship when you feel alone
    It’s still believing that your memories are the only thing worth keeping
    Believing in family when you can’t go home

    This is peace
    The only kind we’ll ever know
    On the sojourn here below the canopy of dreams
    This is peace
    The kind no one may lock and raise
    It’s gratitude and praise
    And love by any means

  10. I just checked into getting a scooter. I’d love to chat with some folks that visit this site. Do you have a chat forum here?

  11. PEACE is when everyone accepts each other to live in FAMILY LOVE…living in one place called EARTH…and belonging to all people as HUMANITY…from “the little one”

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