Shocked to see me in your RSS? I’ve been a very busy lady and horrible blog mother. My baby over here has been demanding content, meanwhile I went and birthed another: Convergence: A Multi-Media Portfolio

That was our first assignment in my Online Journalism class….create a blog. No worries, I have started learning more useful information. I post my class assignments on that blog, if you would like a look. It is great to be a student again and especially in a field that I truly love. I received several awards, an internship and a scholarship in high school for my journalism work, but stone cold walked away from it in 1992. P.E.A.C.E. SCOOTER revived my interest in finding stories, facts, writing and bringing to the public all the fascinating stories which are happening every single minute in our world.

One such story is that of the guy pictured next to me, above. Steve Elsaesser is a 76 yr. old man from Naples, Fla. Steve is currently 1,000 miles and 11 days into a scooter road trip on his Suzuki Bergman, a 650cc scooter that competes with most average motorcycles. Sure, he’s not doing it on a little 125cc scooter like moi, but his venture is heroic because of his age and passion.

I spent four days showing Steve the cities of Charlottesville and Richmond, Vir., two days in each city. I found myself caught up in the excitement of discovery that a traveler has; talking to strangers and pausing to learn about the history and culture of a new place. I only hope that my hosts on the road were treated to the same experience, living vicariously through me and rediscovering pride and appreciation for their home towns. That sensation is the next best thing to travel itself!

I enjoyed being able to reciprocate the generosity people extended to me; food, coffee, a bed, travel tips and tour guide services. When I first heard of Steve’s trip I was very nervous–the guy had never ridden long distance, nor did he have any gear–like a armored jacket, rainsuit, or saddlebags. I shipped him my saddlebags and refused to host him in my town unless he showed up in a riding jacket. Thankfully, he heeded my words. I was especially nervous because he told me that it was my ride which inspired him to go off on his own jaunt.

His enthusiasm is incredible, almost too much in excess. I can only hope to have his gusto at age 76. Some of it might be garned from the 140 oz. of coffee he guzzles daily. I filmed and interviewed him for a class assignment and will post it soon. Shiny Side Up, Rubber Side Down Steve.

I’ve missed being over here. Maybe I’ll be back soon. I still owe the world my Chicago post from last summer. Sigh.