Ok, it is day 4 of two wheel travelin’ tales. I’m presenting one that you just couldn’t make up. The story over at Crappy Little Dreams is hypnotic, hysterical, totally original. I only hope to keep my travel tales as interesting as this fellas-he’s really got that mopeder, off-the-cuff spirit. This is one of the most fascinating stories I’ve come across yet. The tone is equal parts genuine consciousness, crusty punk nonchalance and sarcasm, to travel reporter-all these hats without ever skipping a beat. So far, this one is my favorite, I haven’t even read all the way through-YET. Total wack-o. Oh-his mission? Bigfoot. To find himself a Sasquatch. Buy the book if it ever comes out.

*pictures from http://www.crappylittledreams.com/expedition.htm*



*pictures from http://www.crappylittledreams.com/expedition.htm